We choose our materials among the rich variety of traditional Tuscan raw materials and finishes. The leathers we use are from Pisa, the different types of wood from Pistoia, the metals from Elba. Following the example of Prato, famous for its textiles and its historical ties to China, the mother of pearl in our inlaid furniture and the bamboo in our outdoor collection are imported. The nearby town of Lastra a Signa offers its mastery in straw craft with its bags, hats and dresses. And how could we forget Carrara with its quarries of White grey-veined marble and the even more prestigious pink Calacatta and Breccia marbles. All along the Italian coast you can find beautiful rocks such as Slate, Roman Travertine and volcanic Onyx. The immense variety, the creativity and the resourcefulness that Tuscany offers and that you can also find in its rich culinary tradition, bring about ever-evolving creations and original combinations of raw materials. It is this same inspiring tradition that encourages us to continually be in search of new “forgotten” materials.



White poplar


Olive tree


Light Italian walnut

Dark Italian walnut

Cathedral walnut

Italian walnut root wood

Myrtus root wood

Birch root wood

Poplar root wood

European cherry


Aged brass

Bamboo with honey finish

Bamboo with slight finish

Bamboo with black finish



Coir light finish

Coir dark finish


Oak with barrique finish

Decapé oak

Red decapé oak

Dark decapé oak

Gold leaf

Gold mother of pearl

White mother of pearl

Gouged wood

Peccary skin

Dark leather

Light leather

“Vacchetta” leather

Hammered iron with anthracite finish

Hammered iron with gold leaf finish

Cipollino marble

Giallo Siena marble

Red Verona marble

Breccia Medicea marble

Bardiglio marble

White Statuario marble

Gold Calacatta marble



Roman Travertine


Pietra serena