In Greek mythology, Thea was one of the Titanides goddesses. She was the goddess of light and was associated with the radiant shine of metals and jewels. It is in her honour that we created our THEA collection, following the same quest towards perfection that Greek sculptures inspired in Renaissance artists. Our THEA collection offers made-to-measure handcrafted furniture. Our aim is to continuously strive towards self-improvement with each item we make. We believe in a future where quality matters, where the satisfaction we feel in designing and producing our items will be the same satisfaction felt by our customer when choosing our products.


Our furniture is made with high quality materials, linked to the Tuscan tradition, and combines the craftsmanship handed down for centuries of carpentry with contemporary design forms, of Italian language.


Furnishing accessories comes from attention to detail. The passion for materials and our continuous research for craftsmanship gives us the joy of creating objects with a strong personality suitable for everyday use.

“Objects must keep company.”
Achille Castiglioni


You can’t love Italian craftsmanship without a passion for fashion. Each accessory is handmade by our Tuscan artisans and can vary in processing as well as in its natural material.
“Fashion is not done with a pencil but with work and craftsmanship, with cutting and sewing”.
– Micol Fontana –

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The production of objects created by Thea makes use of the collaboration of a large network of Tuscan artisan workshops, each with expert masters in specific processes. The variety of artisanal production in the area and the quality handed down for centuries in the artisan workshops are sources of inspiration for us and allow us to offer a broad service.
Our goal is to improve ourselves with every object we make. We believe in a future in which quality has a tangible and significant value also for customers who, by investing in local labor while respecting history and production, will contribute to preserving knowledge and values.

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